Pawbo Website: Terms of Service
Welcome to Pawbo Website (“Website”). Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before you using any service and/or purchase item from our Website:

Pawbo Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Pawbo” or "we") provide Website features and other products and services to you when you visit or shop at the Webiste. The purpose of this Pawbo Website: Terms of Service (“Terms of Service”) is to protect the interests of Pawbo and you. By completing the registration procedures through any channels under Pawbo or continue to use any of the services provided by the Website, you acknowledge and fully agree to all provisions herein and fully accept the existing services and any services that may be derived in the future. In addition, when you use specific services on the Website, you may be required to accept other terms of service or related provisions announced separately by Pawbo in accordance with the nature of the specific service. These separately announced terms of service or related provisions shall constitute part of the Terms of Service.


Personal Information Security

To complete transactions, including but not limited to completion of payment and delivery, you are required to guarantee that the information provided in the transaction process is complete, accurate, and consistent with actual conditions. In the event of any information aforesaid changes, you should notify Pawbo in a timely manner. If any false information is discovered, then Pawbo may suspend or terminate your account of Website and/or customer qualifications from receiving service provided by Pawbo, and any violations of related laws of Taiwan shall be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

Pawbo will carry out secure transactions on the information you provide, and will be responsible for confidentiality obligations. Such information shall only be provided to the providers of products or service for the purpose of transactions completion and/or customer services providing, and will not be disclosed or provided to any third party. In the event of following conditions, Pawbo shall have the right to inspect or to provide your personal information to competent authorities or to third parties filing for damage claims that have provided appropriate evidence.

    • Pursuant to laws and regulations or orders from judicial agencies or other competent authorities.

    • To complete a transaction or execute the Terms of Service, or if you violated the provisions herein.

    • To maintain the normal functions and security of the Website.

  • To protect Pawbo, the Website, other users, or any third party's rights.
You must properly safeguard and use your member account and password, and you may not loan or disclose the information in any form or manner to any third party. Due to the characteristics of the Internet, any utilization or actions performed by your account and password for accessing or using the Website shall be deemed as your actions, and you shall be liable in accordance with the law.

If you discover or suspect a third party is using your account and password, you should notify Pawbo immediately. Pawbo will terminate any current transaction and suspend any utilization carried out by your account immediately. However, you shall not be waived from any legal liabilities prior to the notification.


Privacy Policy

The information you provided when registering or using the service will be used and protected pursuant to "Privacy Policy" in the Website.

In the event of disputes, any electronic transaction information recorded in the Website or the service's database shall prevail, unless otherwise you can provide other information to verify its validity.


Online Purchase

The product name, price, content, specification, model number, and other related information in Website or displayed on any transaction page shall constitute part of the contract between you and Pawbo.

Pursuant to Article 19 Paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Act in Taiwan, "Consumers of distance sales or door-to-door sales may return the goods or rescind the contract in writing within seven days upon receipt of goods or services without stating the reasons or be responsible for any expenses or costs." Therefore, after you receive the product, you are entitled to the rights as stated in Article 19 Paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Act in Taiwan upon the establishment of the contract between you and Pawbo. Provided that your online purchase is processed in a country and/or region other than Taiwan, the laws of such country and/or region shall govern your online purchase specifically, and the period of return herein may be adjust accordingly. If you have inquiry for return product, please refer to the "Return Policy" on the Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQ”) page on website.

After you complete an online purchase, the system will automatically send you a notification through email or other methods. However, the notification is only to inform you that the system has received your purchase information, it does not indicate the completion of the transaction or the establishment of the contract.

Pawbo reserves the rights to determine whether to accept your purchase order.

Your payment does not indicate the completion of the transaction or the establishment of the contract. Pawbo reserves the rights to determine whether to accept your purchase order.

Once we confirm the transaction conditions are correct, the payment is complete, and there is available stock of the product, Pawbo shall deliver the product to you without further notice. If there are errors or omissions in transaction conditions, the product has no available stock, the services cannot be provided, or Pawbo is not allowed to accept purchase orders you placed by applicable laws or regulations, Pawbo may process refund procedures on your behalf without your acknowledgement.

You understand and agree that despite Pawbo's reasonable efforts to maintain the validity of information in the Website, Pawbo does not warrant, explicitly or implicitly, in any way that all information in the Website is complete, accurate, valid, and updated. Despite of any error or omission with the specifications, picture, or description of related products or services in the Website you stated, the information provided by the original manufacturer, agent, importer, distributor or service provider shall prevail. If there is an error in the indicated price in Website that is proven by you, and the indicated price is lower than the correct price, Pawbo reserves the rights to refuse or cancel the purchase order you placed.

The original manufacturer, agent, importer, distributor or service provider will guarantee and provide you with the quality, warranty, and after-sales services of all products and services you purchased in accordance with its own terms and conditions. Pawbo will assist you in resolving questions or disputes that arise from online shopping in the Website.

Pawbo may establish a maximum quantity of the specific products you may purchase at a given time. Provided that your purchase exceeds such quantity, Pawbo may only deliver you in accordance with such maximum quantity of the specific products.

Once you completing purchase procedures on the Website, you submit an offer to enter into a contract with Pawbo, and you agree to be bound by the Terms of Service and any conditions regarding with the purchase of product or service stated in the Website.

You should immediately change the information you stored in the Website and its system, if there are changes to such information (such as your address and telephone number). You may not deny the purchase order you placed or refuse to make the payment by citing inconsistent information.

If the product or service cannot be delivered after two times of delivery, and you are unable to contact for over three days, Pawbo may cancel the purchase order and offer you a complete refund.

The automated electronic transaction information recorded by the computer system of the Website shall take precedence over all your online shopping records on the website. In the event of disputes, the electronic transaction information shall prevail. If you discover an error in the transaction information, you should notify Pawbo immediately.

If you are under the age of twenty, you may only register to use or continue to use the service in the Website after your legal representative reads, understands, and agrees to all the contents and subsequent changes of the Terms of Service. When you use or continue to use any of the services provided by the Pawbo via the Website, it indicates that your legal representative has read, understood, and accepted all the contents and subsequent changes of the Terms of Service.

You and Pawbo both agree to use email as a means of communication.

Pawbo reserves the rights to terminate services to any customer if the customer is in violation of the laws, or does not comply with the Terms of Services or any provision in the Website, or maliciously abuses the rights regarding the services we provide.

Pawbo reserves the rights to modify the Terms of Service herein at any time. Such modification may be announced and notified through email, telephone, catalogs, communication networks, Internet announcements or other appropriate methods.


Delivery and Risks

The designated delivery schedule/date on the Website, purchase order you placed, acknowledgment letter or any document are only estimated. Despite our reasonable efforts to complete the delivery on schedule or on the delivery date, we cannot guarantee delivery before certain dates and/or provide services on certain dates. We shall not be liable for late deliveries or inability to perform.

The place of delivery should be an effective address designated by you ("Delivery Address") within the "Delivery Range" defined in the Website. You should verify the delivery address in any purchase order you placed and the acknowledgment letter, and notify us if you discover any mistakes or omissions. If you change the Delivery Address after submitting a purchase order, we reserve the rights to charge you for the expenses arising from the change.

If you refuse or cannot accept the delivery in accordance with the Terms of Service, we shall not be liable for loss of or damage to the product, and we may carry out the following actions without affecting our other rights or remedies:

    1. We have the rights to ask you to immediately make full payment for the delivered products or services, and we may complete the delivery in a manner we deem appropriate, or take custody of the product on your behalf at your own risk.

    1. You should pay all storage expenses and any other expenses arising out of your refusal to accept the delivery or inability to pick up the delivery upon our request.

  1. After thirty (30) days of the agreed delivery day, we shall have the rights to determine the disposal of the product. You may not request a refund or file any damage claims for the disposal.
Unless otherwise applicable laws or regulation entitle you any right respect to the consumer protection, you do not have rights to refuse all or part of the products. Unless you file a claim in writing within seven days of the latest delivery of invoice or product, or you shall still make fully payment for the products you have received.


Overseas Internet Sales Tax and Tariff

If products are to be delivered to your designated address overseas, it must first pass the customs inspections of the recipient country (region) before delivery. The customs of the recipient country (region) will add tariffs and additional charges in accordance with the nature of the product and its value. If the customs determine that the product is subject to import tariff, it shall be paid by the recipient. The recipient shall abide by the import regulations and limitations (contraband, etc.) of the recipient country (region). The recipient shall be solely liable for any related legal issues. Due to the differences in tax systems of different countries, we cannot give an estimate of the amount of taxes and tariffs. The recipient can inquire about tax issues from the local taxation authorities.

As so far, Pawbo only provides delivery oversea services in Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Japan and, United States. In no event shall Pawbo be liable for the delivery of product or delivery without damages, if the country (region) you designed to deliver is other than the countries (regions) aforesaid.


Intellectual Property Rights

Pawbo and its licensors retain all right, title, and interest in and to trademark, patent, publication, trade secrets, proprietary technologies and other proprietary rights (collectively “Intellectual Property Rights”) pertaining to the software or program and all Website contents including but not limited to the publication, pictures, files, information, data, website structure, webpage layout, and webpage design of the Website and related channels of Pawbo and its affiliates (collectively “Website Material”).

No one shall be permitted to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, adapt, spread, publish, publicly announce, perform reverse engineering, decompile, or disassemble the Website Material. If you wish to use or reproduce the Website Material, you should have prior written consent of Pawbo or its licensors. It is your obligation to comply with the Terms and Condition herein to respect Intellectual Property Rights. In the event of any violations, you shall be liable for compensation for damages to Pawbo (including but not limited to litigation expenses and attorney fees etc.)


Limitations on Liability

Our maximum liability to you for all claims, liabilities or obligations arising from the Terms of Service, will in no event exceed the payments in accordance the amount of the purchase order placed by you. We are not liable to you in contract, tort or otherwise in connection with this Terms and Conditions for any special, indirect or consequential damages or for any damages arising from or attributable to any failure to realize expected savings, loss of data, downtime costs, loss of use, loss of goodwill or loss of actual or anticipated revenue or profit by you.


System Security

The system does not explicitly or implicitly guarantee that the information you upload or transmit will be normally displayed or processed, nor do we guarantee the correctness of the transmitted data; if you discover a mistake or error in the system, please notify Pawbo immediately.

The system backs up information periodically, but unless a deliberate or serious error occurs in the system, the system shall not be responsible for any accidental deletion of information or mistakes or failure of backups.

You understand and agree that Pawbo may experience complete or partial interruption, temporary inaccessibility, delays, errors in information transmission or storage, or modified or falsified information as a result of third-party intrusions of the system due to software/hardware failure, malfunction, or operational error, other collaborative suppliers or related telecommunication network systems. You may not request and reparation or compensation in such events.


System Suspension/Interruption

Under the following circumstances, Pawbo shall suspend or terminate all or a portion of the service of Website and shall not be liable to you in any way for any direct or indirect damages:

    1. When the related software/hardware equipment is moved, changed, upgraded, or under maintenance and repairs;

    1. If the you violate applicable laws, regulations or the Terms of Service;

    1. When service is suspended or interrupted due to natural disasters or force majeure;

  1. Other factors unattributable to Pawbo that causes service suspension or interruption.
Pawbo will notify you for such suspension, interruption and/or termination of service because of any routine maintenance, recalibration, or modifications of the Website. Such notification will be carry out by email, announcements or other appropriate methods before the suspension, interruption or termination.


Amendment of the Terms of Service

In addition to the Terms of Service, you should also follow other related provisions stated in the Website.

Pawbo reserves the rights to amend or modify the Terms of Service any time, and the modified Terms of Service shall be published on the Website without individual notices. By continuing to conduct online purchases on the Website, you acknowledge and agree to the modified Terms of Service.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

All of your online purchases, transactions or behavior on the Website and the Terms of Service shall be governed exclusively by the laws of Taiwan. Any dispute, controversy, or claim which arises under or in connection with, your online purchases, transactions or behavior on the website and this Terms of Service shall be brought in the jurisdiction of Taiwan Taipei District Court.