Pawbo Fluffy

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Pawbo Fluffy
The smartest pet hair dryer, stay beauty, save time.

Complete Drying
The Globe design uses a turbine fan to heat and channel air for 360° ventilation, ensuring that warm air reaches every corner.


Smart Operating Panel
Set time and temperature to suit you, with precise temperature control. Fitted with a temperature control system with heater and dual-temperature sensor.


No Loose Hairs
Seven mixed-flow fan blades create 360° air circulation, while central and rear air filters completely trap all loose hairs for better housekeeping and less sweeping!


Ozone Sanitation
Pressing "Disinfect" after drying produces ozone for disinfection and complete deodorization.


Reduced Noise
Indirect wind noise of 65 dB. The highly efficient drying process calms your dog physically and mentally. A real miracle-worker for noise-sensitive pets.


Safe and Comfortable Surroundings
Massive 54 L capacity for double dog drying! No more holding them steady with one hand while juggling the dryer and the brush with the other.